Lust for Life has taken us back to a version of Lana Del Rey we once saw during her days of 'Lizzy Grant' and 'Sparkle Jump Rope Queen'. The alternative genre with features of Playboi Carti and A$AP Rocky give us hints of old-school Lana and her hip-hop and indie fused pieces, such as St. Tropez (Party Girl).

We received a taste of this Lust for Life version of Lana in her songs Off to the Races and National Anthem, as well as her unofficially released track with A$AP Rocky in Ridin'. The evolution of Elizabeth Grant a.k.a. Lana Del Rey in her albums and singles has been executed with an appearance of effortlessness, it's as if she has been one step ahead of her fan-base. We saw the build-up toward the charts and mainstream fame during the days of Born to Die (BTD) and Born to Die: Paradise Edition suddenly shift to a darker-side of the fame, the golden, old-Hollywood-star days of BTD transitioned into a darker look into the autobiography of Lana Del Rey, such as under her songs Shades of Cool and Ultraviolence.

Lust for Life's track list begins with her single Love where she tells her listeners "It doesn't matter if I'm not enough/For the future or the things to come/'Cause I'm young and in love". In response to this song speculations point toward past rumours in which we heard that Lana no longer felt she was available to deliver as an artist, or provide art worthy of comparison to Born to Die, however Lana has clearly bounced back from this. Beautifully alluding to her well-known song Ride the album wraps up with her song Get Free where Lana reminds us of the war in her mind: "Sometimes it feels like I've got a war in my mind/I wanna get off, but I keep riding the ride", a bitter-sweet reassurance that the artistic journey of Lana Del Rey's is here to stay.