Blac Chyna Gets Roasted On "Wild 'N Out"

Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out is a comedy show hosted by Nick Cannon. It brings together two teams of comedians who go head to head in a series of improvisational comedy games in hopes of taking home the “Championship Belt”. Everyone’s favourite part of the show is the final round called the “WildStyle” which involves freestyle rapping to a beat and delivering punchlines at the opposing team. In other words, it is a roasting battle. Every episode, a new celebrity hits the stage to be a member of the opposing team to Nick Cannon. This show has no chill, there are no rules and the savageness is on full blast. Although all the punchlines are in the name of comedy, you cannot go on the show and be butt hurt by what is said.  Celebrities come knowing that they will have to face the music. Any scandals and gossip spoken about them in the media will be addressed and they have to take it on the chin.

In the most recent episode, Blac Chyna takes the stage and we all know that there is a lot of juicy gossip concerning her latest affairs with Rob Kardashian. One of the punchlines that were directed at her was “Chyna ask Kim about me, my ride the biz. I had you all in your feeling like you had Rob in his. And your last baby daddy, he was fucking with a minor. So I ain’t gonna say nothing bad about you cuz I just want to spend one night in Chyna.” I think it’s safe to say that the episode was filmed before the most recent drama between her and Rob with the cheating and revenge porn. Had it happened before she came on the show, they would have not hesitated to roast her about it. I guess you can say she was lucky. 

Check out the video below: