Will Big Brother Address Racial Tensions?

Big Brother 19 has streamed some pretty controversial moments this year. 31-year-old black housemate Dominque has been caught in a series of conflicts in the house with some viewers arguing that attempts to isolate the black housemate from the rest of the group is highly racially driven.

Prior to entering big brother house, Domique was asked (3)"What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?" I'm sure racial micro-aggressions did not cross her mind. Another member of the house Paul has frequently attacked (2) Dominque for minor incidences including simply smiling and nodding her head in agreement with another housemate who was speaking on a general matter at the time, however Paul felt her response was a subtle jab at him.

Anti-blackness has been witnessed in the Big Brother House this season after Housemate Cody says that he 'visited' the Ferguson Riots to merely see if he could 'survive' them (1). The racism transparent in his dismissal of the seriousness of the Ferguson riots and what they entailed, in addition to the other housemates entertaining and laughing along with him clearly demonstrates lack of racial sensitivity within the house.

This isn't the first time Big Brother has received negative reviews regarding racial tensions and racial micro-aggressions within the house, between housemates. Will the Big Brother PR address it this time?