Wheelchair Chair Jimmy Still Cashing Degrassi Royalty Checks?


If you didn’t know, Drake first got his start playing Jimmy Brooks in the epic Canadian hit TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation. Growing up Degrassi was THE show to watch on The N every week. One of the most relatable TV shows of our generation. How dope would it be for them to put together a reunion episode!? Anyways, it looks like Jimmy is still reaping the benefits of being shot in that school hallway.


The rapper hasn’t been on the show since 2007 but the 100+ episodes that he was featured in still plays occasionally in rotation granting him some residual coins. Drake took to his instagram to show off one of his many streams of income posting a royalty check he received from the franchise. A whooping $8.25. Although it’s not much you can’t knock a steady source of income.