Comedian Dave Chappelle Interviews Kendrick Lamar

Interview magazine gave critically acclaimed comedian, Dave Chappelle the opportunity to interview the DAMN rapper. 

The two stars had a very honest conversation regarding Kendrick career and personal development. 

During the conversation, the two entertainers talk candidly about Kendrick finally becoming a mainstream artist. Chappelle, quizzes Kendrick about feeling “altitude sickness” in reference to now reaching arguably a top 5 status in rap today. 

To which Kendrick replies, “ I’m still growing. The more people I meet, the more cultures I start to embrace, the more people I open myself up to - it’s a growing process I’m excited about,” K.Dot goes on to explain further. "At first it was something I struggled with, because everything was moving so fast. I didn’t know how to digest it. The best thing I did was go back to the city of Compton, to touch the people who I grew up with and tell them the stories of the people I met around the world. Making To Pimp a Butterfly was me navigating those experiences. I went to Africa and I was like, “This is something I can enjoy and something I can challenge myself with.”

A standout moment of the interview is when Dave brings up Kendrick's trip to Africa, to which Kendrick expresses that visiting the "motherland" broadened his outlook and how he overall conveyed his art. 

“I went to South Africa - Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg - and those were definitely the “I’ve arrived” shows. Outside of the money, the success, the accolades,” Kendrick details. “This is a place that we, in urban communities, never dream of. We never dream of Africa. Like, “Damn, this is the motherland.” You feel it as soon as you touch down. That moment changed my whole perspective on how to convey my art.”

Make sure to check out Chappelle's interview here.