Top 10 Best Beats Produced By Kanyeezy

1. Jay-Z x Lucifer 

"Kanyeezy you did it again, you a genius!" The Lucifer beat is so fire Kanye managed to attract a crowd in the studio when he first played it. The face Hov made when Kanye first played him the beat is priceless. 

2. The Game x Dreams

To say Kanye finished this beat is an understatement. He murdered it. Shout out to Kanye West.

3. Jay-Z x Izzo (H.O.V.A.)

Cam'ron says that Kanye actually sold him the Izzo beat but then he heard Hov on it two weeks later and had no choice but to give it to him. The sampled Jackson 5 beat is genius. 

4. Kanye West x Jesus Walks 

The sample Kanye uses in "Jesus Walks" is one of the best samples ever used in rap. The beat is simply legendary. 

5. Jay-Z x Encore

6. Talib Kweli x Get By 

7. Alicia Keys x You Don't Know My Name 

8. Kanye West x Flashing Lights 

9. Jay-Z Heart of The City

10. The Game x Wouldn't Get Far ft Kanye West


11. Kanye West x Heartless