Joey Bada$$ Inspired Jay Z's '4:44', According To Joey Bada$$



In an interview with MONTREALITY, the "Devasted" rapper explained:

"Honestly, I feel like I was an inspiration for that album. Honestly, I know I was an inspiration to that album. There's nothing nobody can tell me. I put certain pressure on these OGs in the rap game and, like, they know what they gotta talk about now. They got this young nigga Joey Bada$$ coming out, talking about this shit before they had the chance to talk about it."

Joey and Jay Z share the same home borough of Brooklyn and the two have been seen kicking it together in the past, so perhaps there's some truth to that. However after being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in June, Hov literally name-dropped more than 90 rappers on Twitter and Joey wasn't even mentioned...

Watch the full interview from Joey Badass in the video below: