No More 90's R&B: The Rhythm And Style Has Grown In To Something Entirely New

It’s time to highlight the new generation of R&B artists. The rhythm and style has grown into something entirely new.

We often hear people complain about how R&B has changed, and they miss the 90’s. Unarguably, that was an incredible era for the world. Sports, economy, fashion and the music boomed. There were various male and female groups. Without the artists from the 90’s, our entire generation wouldn’t have any inspiration. That sound will never be produced again and its time to accept that. It’s impossible to backtrack and recreate an entire decade of brilliance. This line of thinking is what has many New York rappers stagnant in their careers.

Honestly, we shouldn’t want the sound to backtrack. Music is meant to evolve and progress. Discovery and new trends allow creativity to flourish. Younger generations should only take pieces of older artists and use them for inspiration to create their style. Imagine artists attempting to sound and look like someone else from times past? Yes, I’m looking at you Tory Lanez.


It’s difficult to put Russ in one category. His main niche is that he can sing, rap, master and produce his music. The debut album “There’s Really a Wolf” hit number 4 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. His records Losin’ Control and What they Want have already received plaques. Russ is also one of the few artists aware of what’s happening within the industry. Being independent and finding a way to thrive on the charts is no easy feat. The publishing deal he signed with Columbia Records in 2016 was a clear chess move. Everyone is singing and rapping now, but Russ does it better. This guy will be on the charts for years to come.

Daniel Caesar


This guy restored my faith in R&B music. Get You is one of those songs that can change your mood as soon as it plays. These soft ballads are the new mysterious love songs. Daniel Caesar won’t make any tracks that you can dance to, but he will have you in your feelings. Think of him as a younger Musiq Soulchild with a bit of a gospel feel. This singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada is already giving us classics with Japanese Denim and Violet. His EP Praise Break earned him the attention he needed. 



RCA Records found a gem with this artist. Her first release, Volume 1 was on September 9th, 2016. It was only seven records in total, but each song received high perception on SoundCloud. She’s received recognition from Billboard as one of their low-key MVPs. The real life anon released her second EP, Volume 2, on June 16th and it was more amazing content. H.E.R. is an acronym meaning Having Everything Revealed. This was planned strategically seeing as how she’s managed to remain unseen. H.E.R. will be performing at the BET Awards and on tour this summer with Bryson Tiller so fans will finally catch a glimpse.



TDE has a squad of the most talented artists in the music industry today. SZA plays a unique role within the label as the female songstress. Her vibrant sound and deep passionate tracks are finally garnering the proper attention. The Ctrl album is already in the running for a top album this year debuting at №3 on Billboard. From cheating while her boyfriend was in Vegas to willingly being a side-chick, she is different. This music was well worth the wait. There is no doubt SZA will have a spot in the R&B/Soul category.



His career began as a battle rapper. 6Lack was another victim of the industry but only temporarily. Thankfully, he found his way out of that situation. 6Lack is signed with LVRN label with artists Raury and D.R.A.M. The mood music trend is a great wave for 6Lack to jump on. The debut album Free 6Lack takes listeners on a ride through past pain and the highs of new relationships. The more recent record That Far is proof that he wants relevancy. 



is debut album American Teen was released in March and reached number 3 on the R&B charts and 6 on the Top 6 R&B/Hip-Hop albums. Khalid's Location track was so big Lil' Wayne jumped on the remix with Kehlani. Remember when that was a big deal?  The young star creates a mixture of soulful heartfelt tracks and emotional serenades. Only a few years into the industry and Khalid has already created his own lane. He has the potential to be another great artists/songwriter such as PartyNextDoor, (without the restrictions.) Get American Teen now on Apple Music.

Great R&B and soul music still have a place in the world of music. No, it doesn’t sound like it did 20 years ago. We don’t have an R Kelly, Usher and definitely not a Michael Jackson or Prince. But us millennials have our creators that have developed their own style. Different doesn’t always mean bad. Embrace the change in music.