Jada Pinkett Smith Calls Out The Golden Globes After ‘Girls Trip’ Was Left With No Nominations



Girls Trip was the film that everyone and their mama went to see this summer – it seemed to have secured its spot as comedy of the year after earning worldwide popularity and a jaw-dropping $137million US dollars in the box office.

It’s no secret that Tiffany Haddish was the star of the show, her hilarious performance caused us all to laugh until our stomachs were in stitches, she’s truly sky rocketed to her rightful place at the top this year.

Many were shocked to discover that Haddish hadn’t been nominated for a Golden Globe, amongst the list of disappointed faces was Jada Pinkett Smith, co-star on ‘Girls Trip’. 

Jada took to twitter and has sparked a debate that’s been going on for days – was Girls Trip robbed of a nomination?

Mrs Pinkett Smith had time and then hit the world with some hard facts.

She continued to tweet, “I’m not upset about @TiffanyHaddish or @GirlsTripMovie not getting a nom… I’m discouraged about the fact that the Hollywood Foreign Press/@goldenglobes wouldn’t even WATCH the movie.”

She expressed how it bewildered her that the organisers of the Golden Globes could invite Tiffany Haddish to present the show rather than recognising her achievements as an actress.

Jada continued to point out the flawed and racist system in Hollywood:

Her rant caused a ruckus on Twitter as people have been going back and forth debating whether or not ‘Girls Trip’ deserved to be nominated for  a Golden Globe.

But many have missed her point – racism in the film industry often only recognises black films and actors when they are adhering to a negative discourse. With so many films focusing on crime or slavery, it is disheartening when films such as Get Out are called a comedy and the black girl magic in Girls Trip isn’t even being given a chance.