Black Horror Films to Get You Ready for Fall


The fall season is possibly everyone’s favorite season; the changing of the leaves, the decline in temperature, the cutest outfits you finally get to wear, pumpkin spice everything, and of course the scary movies! With Halloween being the most favorite holiday with all the haunted houses, mazes and theme parks, and endless events you can dress up for, it’s hard not to get into the haunted spirit. Another thing that gets everyone hyped is the movies.

There are so many horror films out there such as ‘Scream”, “Amityville Horror’, ‘Annabelle: Creation’, ‘Carrie’, and countless others but when you mix black people with horrifying situations, you’re in for something!

With the season of scaring the crap out of ourselves coming up fast, here are a few classic Black horror films to get you ready:


One of the most feared guys in the hood. Starring Tony Todd as the urban legend ‘Candy Man’ the hook-for-a-hand killer who wants people to fear him again after a student discredits his existence. I don’t care, I still won’t say his name five times, and it ain’t worth it.

JD’s Revenge

An old school film from the 70s that starred Lou Gossett, Jr., who becomes possessed by a dead hustler, J.D. Walker, who was falsely accused of killing his sister 30 years earlier.

Tales from the Hood

This horror anthology film featured four short urban-themed horror films based around police brutality, domestic abuse, racism, and gang violence.


Snoop Dogg starred in this horror flick as murdered gangster ‘Jimmy Bones’ who’s come back to avenge his death.

Night of the Living Dead

Didn’t have an all black cast but Tony Todd from ‘CandyMan’ was starring in this remake of the original film of the same name.

Leprechaun in the Hood

This hood classic had every black person shook with laughter and fear. This horror comedy followed rappers who accidently released a leprechaun held captive by a record producer. Comedy or not, this made me fear all leprechauns.

These are just a few films out there to satisfy your horror needs. All it takes is a little poking around and you’ll find your old favorite or possibly a new one to get you right into the fall holiday spirit.