Black Owned Soap Companies

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Over the weekend social media went crazy after pictures from an advert from the famous soap company Dove went viral. Soon after the ad surfaced many more previous offensive ads were revealed. So my question is why continue using a product from a company that doesn’t value us as a customer, why not support our own? I found a few black owned companies that I think a lot of people would enjoy.


  • Sarenzo Beauty

Sarenzo Beauty is a Bath and Body company that have different types of soaps deodorants feminine care and even home fragrances. Their items are really affordable and they have a lot of different varieties.

  • Petals Bath Boutique

Petals Bath Boutique is another company they have natural products. I see some of their most popular items are the Che Bella Mist and Under Eye Serum.

  • Daukens Arome Co.

Daukens Arome Co also have a lot of different varieties and a whole section dedicated to men. 

  • Cream & Coco

Cream and Coco is another good company with baby care, beauty products, hair products as well as face care and fragrances. They even have products for men’s beards.

These are just a few different options for you guys. I know a lot of people use Dove  because they have sensitive skin but all 4 of these companies have products that can fit right with everyone and they are made for us. We don’t have to use a company that looks down on us. Let’s start to build each other up and support each other so we won’t have to worry about companies humiliating us.